I went to the 2002 Italian Bike GP, at Mugello. The atmosphere was like a football game with the Rossi fans in one section and the Biaggi fans in another. Weirdest moment was when Rossi took a tumble in the morning warm up, it seemed all the spectators went dead quiet. As soon as he got up and jumped on the back of a… » 4/23/15 5:17am Yesterday 5:17am

Interesting piece. Although you point out the QE class carriers might be a cheaper and better solution, the UK MOD's procurement record is a bad as the US DOD. It would not surprise me if the QE ships end up with the same issues as the America especially the jet heat management. This will no doubt be heightened by the… » 4/14/15 4:19am 4/14/15 4:19am

Take your pick from the Mclaren P1 or LaFerrari. Can’t buy one new as they are all sold but still being delivered to customers. Both will be selling for more than they cost new in 10 years. 918 will be up there but greater supply will keep the long term value behind the Mclaren and Ferrari. » 4/13/15 12:04pm 4/13/15 12:04pm

Part 2 should be even better. I won't spoil it for people that don't know what happened in the race, but I hope there is plenty of footage of the Mini dicing with the Camaros, and Chris' Rover sounded like it had a DFV under the bonnet the way it wailed over the bassier rumble of the American V8s » 4/11/15 3:49am 4/11/15 3:49am

The Human is a rather good one though - the most successful Olympic cyclist of all time Sir Chris Hoy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Hoy He's a big car guy too and had recently turned his hand to racing. » 4/09/15 1:02pm 4/09/15 1:02pm